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A health care worker performs drive-throughs tests for the COVID-19 virus at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit. Photo: Jim West/


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Prescriptions and Analysis

Workers Will Take the Brunt of This Recession—Just Like the Last One—Unless We Say No
May 27, 2020 / Samantha Winslow

Follow the Money: Employers Are Behind the Rush to Reopen
May 21, 2020 / Chris Brooks

How the Coronavirus Crisis Became an Economic Crisis
May 15, 2020 / Alejandro Reuss

Not Simply a ‘Natural Disaster’
May 14, 2020 / Alejandro Reuss

When Auto Plants Reopen, Some of Us Will Die for Corporate Profit
May 11, 2020 / Justin Mayhugh

The Hammer and the Dance: Why Reopening Now Will Kill
May 01, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Class Struggle or Class Snuggle?
April 22, 2020 / various labor leaders

Reopening the Economy Will Send Us to Hell
April 22, 2020 / Mike Davis

Workers' Just-in-Time Moment
April 15, 2020 / Kim Moody

How Medicare for All Would Fix Both Public Health and the Economy
April 15, 2020 / Mark Dudzic

Threats and Opportunities: What’s the Post-Crisis Forecast for Workers?
April 14, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury

Interview: Noam Chomsky on How Bosses Are Making Coronavirus ‘Worse, for Their Benefit’
April 13, 2020 / Chris Brooks

How They're Doing It in Denmark
April 08, 2020 / Bue Rübner Hansen

The Coronavirus Crisis Exposes How Fragile Capitalism Already Was
April 08, 2020 / Stephanie Luce

Undocumented Workers Hit Hard by COVID-19 Crisis
April 06, 2020 / Saurav Sarkar

Interview: Coronavirus Pandemic Inflames Anti-Asian Racism
April 06, 2020 / Labor Notes Staff

Will COVID-19 Be Our Triangle Fire?
April 03, 2020 / David Unger

World War II: When the Government Protected All Essential Workers
April 02, 2020 / Nelson Lichtenstein

VIDEO: Don't Die for Wall Street: Essential Workers on Why Everyone Else Should Stay Home
March 31, 2020 / Katie Ferrari

It Didn't Have to Be Like This
March 27, 2020 / Stephanie Luce

Organize or Die
March 20, 2020 / Sam Lewis

Strike First, Then Bargain
March 19, 2020 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall and Jane Slaughter

Solidarity Is Our Only Chance
March 16, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

Strikes and Demands

In a Pandemic, Finding New and Old Ways To Fight New and Old Foes
May 26, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

Ford Workers Shut Down the Line at Dearborn Truck Plant
May 22, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Hundreds of Apple Workers on Strike in Washington
May 18, 2020 / David Bacon

Vermont State College Workers and Students Rebuff Shock Doctrine
May 04, 2020 / Ashley Smith

Viewpoint: Publicly Fund News Media, Because Journalists Fight for Us All
May 01, 2020 / Jon Schleuss

Los Angeles Teachers Use Contract Action Teams to Win COVID-19 Victory
April 29, 2020 / Karla Griego

Viewpoint: During the Crisis, Teachers Need the Freedom to Focus on Student Needs, Not Online Metrics
April 29, 2020 / Amy Mizialko

Chicago Grad Workers First to Win COVID-19 Demands
April 28, 2020 / Zukhra Kasimova and Dawn Tefft

Plexiglas and Union Power
April 27, 2020 / Paula Lukaszek

How New Orleans Library Workers Shut It Down
April 27, 2020 / Ian Wolfe

Nurses and Community Save Emergency Room on Chicago's South Side
April 23, 2020 / Dennis Kosuth

GE Workers Protest, Demand to Make Ventilators
April 13, 2020 / Katie Ferrari

Please Join: National Health Care Day of Action April 15
April 09, 2020 / Chris Brooks

South and Southeast Asian Workers Grapple with Management, Government, Coronavirus
April 09, 2020 / Saurav Sarkar

'You Can Find Us in the Break Room': How Nurses Got Masks
April 07, 2020 / Elizabeth Lalasz

Chicago Amazon Workers Picket with Supporters—and Their Cars
April 06, 2020 / Alan Maass

How Auto Parts Workers Shut Their Plant
April 03, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

A Worker Agenda Against Coronavirus
April 01, 2020 / Labor Notes staff

Sample COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures to Demand from Management
March 31, 2020 / Communications Workers of America organizers

New York Nurses Are Living a Heartbreaking Nightmare
March 27, 2020 / Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez

Walkouts Spread as Workers Seek Coronavirus Protections
March 26, 2020 / Dan DiMaggio

The Danger We're Facing: A Grocery Worker Speaks Out
March 23, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Verizon Unions Win Model Paid Leave Policy for Coronavirus—Will Other Unions Demand the Same?
March 18, 2020 / Labor Notes

Detroit Bus Drivers Win Protections Against Virus Through Strike
March 18, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

Auto Companies Announce Closure Following Outbreak of Wildcat Strikes
March 18, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Amazon Is Failing Its Workers during the Coronavirus Crisis
March 18, 2020 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall

Frontline in a Pandemic: A UPS Worker’s View
March 17, 2020 / Nick Perry

Organizing around the World for PTO: Pandemic Time Off
March 16, 2020 / Dan DiMaggio

Organizing Tips

Swing into Action
A basic guide to the steps in organizing a workplace action, excerpted from the Labor Notes guide Beating Apathy

Organizando su lugar de trabajo frente al coronavirus
A Spanish-language handout on organizing your workplace in the face of the coronavirus. For more Spanish-language handouts, visit

Organizing COVID-19 Action Teams in New York Hospitals
April 28, 2020 / Sean Petty

Safety: Bosses Want to Fix the Worker, Unions Want to Fix the Job
April 24, 2020 / Jay Herzmark

What Are My Rights to Paid Leave and Unemployment During the Pandemic?
April 14, 2020 / Robert M. Schwartz

Saving Workers’ Health and Lives in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Tools for the Fight
April 10, 2020 / Nancy Lessin

A Simple Shop Floor Organizing Plan Any Essential Worker Can Use
April 09, 2020 / Jamie Partridge

How Postal Workers Are Organizing Ourselves During the Crisis
April 09, 2020 / Alex Fields

The Steward's Guide to COVID-19
April 04, 2020 / United Electrical Workers

Can I Get Fired for Talking about Virus Risks?
March 31, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury

Your Legal Rights on the Job

Identify a Good Organizing Issue

An Organizing Conversation

What Moves People to Act: Anger, Hope, Urgency, You

Plan a Powerful Action

Turn Up the Heat: The Action Thermometer

Campaign Mobilization Checklist

Organizing Your Workplace In The Face of The Coronavirus

Saving Workers’ Health and Lives in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Tools for the Fight

For more like these, browse and download the free handouts (in English and Spanish) from our book Secrets of a Successful Organizer.


Organizing on Health and Safety in the Face of the Coronavirus: A Presentation to the 2020 Labor Notes Virtual Conference
David Pratt and Nancy Lessin

The Steward's Guide to COVID-19
United Electrical Workers

COVID-19 news from the world's trade unions

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Guidance on Coronavirus in the Workplace
CDC, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

COVID-19 Information for Non-Union Workers
Communications Workers of America

Guidance for union locals on COVID-19
United Electrical Workers

Benefits Which Can Assist Workers Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act, H.R. 748)
United Electrical Workers

Benefits Provided to Workers Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201)
United Electrical Workers

Organize Your Workplace against COVID-19
Request help from the Democratic Socialists of America and United Electrical Workers (available in English or Spanish)

Organize Your Workplace against COVID-19
Request help from the Food Chain Workers Alliance (available in English or Spanish)

Want help organizing your workplace to respond to the pandemic? Email us at organize[at]labornotes[dot]org.