Special Coverage: Auto Workers Organizing

An auto worker at the Stellantis Jefferson Assembly Complex in Detroit. Photo: Jim West, jimwestphoto.com

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Toyota Workers at Critical Engine Plant Launch UAW Union Drive
March 06, 2024 / Luis Feliz Leon

Ford’s Battery Flagship Socked by Mold Sickness, Workers Say
February 22, 2024/ Schuyler Mitchell and Keith Brower Brown

Strike Threat at Allison Transmission Strips Out Tiers
February 07, 2024 / Luis Feliz Leon

Auto Workers Direct Momentum toward Organizing Plants across the U.S.
November 30, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Auto Workers Call on Unions to Align Contract Expirations
November 22, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio

Auto Workers Ratify New Contracts at the Big 3
November 17, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio

Auto Workers Debate Contracts: Tall Gains, Taller Expectations
November 10, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Big 3 Buckled as Stand-Up Strike Spread
October 31, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio

VIDEO: Labor Journalist Jane Slaughter on UAW’s “Life-Changing” Deal with Big 3 Automakers
October 31, 2023 / Democracy Now!

Ford Caves
October 26, 2023 / Jane Slaughter

After GM Boasts Higher Revenue, Auto Workers Strike Its Cash Cow
October 24, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Auto Workers Halt Stellantis’s Biggest Moneymaker
October 23, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon, Lisa Xu

It’s Working: Auto Workers’ Strike Strategy Is Forcing the Big 3 to Pony Up
October 20, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Auto Workers Charge Up the Power to Fight for an Electric Future
October 16, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Auto Workers Escalate: Surprise Strike at Massive Kentucky Ford Truck Plant
October 11, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Auto Workers Spare Big 3, Win Landmark Just Transition at General Motors
October 6, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Twenty-Five Thousand Auto Workers Are Now on Strike at the Big 3
September 29, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

UAW Supporters to Hit the Pavement at Dealerships
September 28, 2023 / Lisa Xu

Slow Walks and Tough Talk: Auto Workers Turn the Screws
September 28, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

VIDEO: Labor Notes Webinar: Stand with UAW: Record Profits Means Record Contracts
September 26, 2023 / Labor Notes staff

Viewpoint: With No Reform Caucus, Auto Workers Would Not Be on Strike
September 26, 2023 / Jane Slaughter

Scabs Deployed at GM Parts Distribution Centers
September 25, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Ford and GM Agree to End At Least One Tier, Stellantis Still Holding Out
September 25, 2023 / Jane Slaughter

Breaking: Auto Workers Strike Spreads to 38 Parts Depots
September 22, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon, Lisa Xu

Viewpoint: Auto Bargaining in Canada—Stuck in the Past?
September 21, 2023 / Tony Leah

Work Extra During a Strike? Auto Workers Say ‘Eight and Skate’
September 18, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown, Jane Slaughter

‘No Justice, No Jeeps!’ Scenes from the Auto Workers Strike
September 15, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown, Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter

Auto Workers Strike Plants at All Three of the Big 3
September 15, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter

When Auto Workers Stand Up, Here's How to Stand with Them
September 13, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Don’t Do the Boss Any Favors
September 13, 2023 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall

‘The Cost of Doing Nothing Is Much Higher’: Big Three Auto Workers Prepare to Strike
September 12, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

So Ready to Strike
September 12, 2023 / E. Steele

Big 3 Focus on Auto Parts Centers in Strike Prep
September 11, 2023 / Lisa Xu

Kentucky Auto Workers at Ford Are Preparing for a Strike
August 28, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Steward’s Corner: Ten-Minute Meetings
August 24, 2023 / Lisa Xu

Fired-Up Auto Workers Are Ready to Battle the Big 3
August 21, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Auto Workers Have Big Demands for the Big 3
August 17, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio, Keith Brower Brown

Teamsters and Auto Workers Are Raising the Bar for Contract Campaigns
August 17, 2023 / Alexandra Bradbury

As Big 3 Auto Contracts Expire: Hurried Line Speeds and Horrible Hours
July 25, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown

Auto Workers Kick Off Bargaining With ‘Members’ Handshake’
July 20, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio, Courtney Smith

UAW Reformers Clinch the Presidency
March 25, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Interview: Auto Workers Region 9 Winner on Rebuilding a Fighting Union
March 07, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon

Challengers Win Big in UAW Elections; Presidency Headed to Run-Off
December 02, 2022 / Jane Slaughter