Jenny Brown

Servers, Not Servants


Tipping raises the stakes on sexual harassment in restaurants. With co-workers, “I have more freedom to be like, ‘okay, stop it,’” said one server. “But when a guest does it, then I feel a lot more powerless."

Four women have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of themselves and the 1,000 women working at Chicago’s Ford Assembly plant, saying sexual harassment at the plant is out of control.

The year had a spirited and determined feel. Every time we turned around there was another sit-in or strike, ingenious job action or raucous flash mob.

Transportation companies are pressuring employees to work tired, ignoring the dangers.

There's an emerging national movement around fair work schedules, as retail and fast food workers demand predictable and adequate hours.

More Workers Demand $15


The demand for $15 an hour is spreading. Agitation for $15 started with fast food and airport workers but now Walmart and home care workers are joining in.

After many close votes against unionization, American Airlines passenger service agents scored an overwhelming victory, voting 86 percent to unionize. The win covers 14,500 workers, the largest union-representation vote in the U.S. this year.