Jenny Brown

The U.S. presidential election has held up a decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, but in Canada, unions have joined environmentalists to battle another pipeline—this one headed for the pristine west coast of Canada.

Louisiana Guest Workers Walk Out of Crawfish Plant

The food that reaches our tables travels a labyrinth of abusive employers, low-paying jobs, and general disregard for the workers and the food. On Monday Mexican guest workers at a seafood processor in Louisiana walked off the job, driven to the wall by a manager's threats of violence.

NY Millionaires' Tax Back in Spotlight

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo attempted to evict “Occupy Albany” this week from its home base in a state-owned park in the capital, leading activists to dub him “Governor 1 percent.”

Democrats Return to Indianapolis

Exiled Indiana Democratic state legislators returned from Illinois March 28 and were greeted by hundreds of union well-wishers as they re-entered the Indianapolis statehouse after five weeks’ absence.

During that time daily rallies echoed through the Capitol dome as tens of thousands of Hoosiers raised their voices in defense of their unions and their schools.

The Democratic walk-out seems to have knocked out some of the Republican-proposed legislation, but other pieces are still moving.

Indianapolis, Day Four

Ten thousand demonstrated against anti-worker legislation in
Indianapolis today, the same number as yesterday, packing the
statehouse and cheering when the Indiana House of Representatives was
once again unable to achieve a quorum.

Hotel Workers Target Hyatt

Hyatt hotel workers are on the march again. They’re calling out management’s push for more work in less time, plus the chain’s demands to push more health care costs onto workers and “lock in the recession” at the bargaining table.

Strong Words against Wal-Mart at New York Rally

Retail worker unions gathered with an association of small supermarkets and city officials Thursday to denounce Wal-Mart as a “job killer” for New York. “For every two jobs, three jobs lost!” was the chant at the City Hall rally.

Machinists Sue South Carolina Governor for Anti-Union Threats

Anti-union rhetoric and threats are emanating from new governors in several states, including Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida. But none has been so explicit as South Carolina, where incoming Governor Nikki Haley has announced her determination to specifically keep unions out of a new Boeing plant near Charleston.

New York Wage Theft Law Raises the Bar

In what advocates called “a stunning win” for workers across New York state, outgoing Governor David Paterson has signed a law that escalates penalties against thieving employers and protects workers who stand up against wage theft at their jobs.