Jane Slaughter

UAW-Ford Workers Organizing for 'No' Vote

Early results of voting on the new Ford-United Auto Workers contract are nearly break-even, according to Detroit newspapers. Reformers in the union are organizing to get the 41,000 Ford workers to once again vote “no” on their national contract, as they did in October 2009.

VIDEO: Wisconsin Governor Gives State Workers Some Love

With a straight face, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proclaimed Wednesday State Employee Recognition Day. In response, a group of union state employees proclaimed their own State Employee Depreciation Day Thursday, with a ceremony on the steps of the Capitol.

Wisconsin Voters Rebuke Governor

Wisconsin labor put its candidate, Joanne Kloppenburg, on the state Supreme Court in statewide voting Tuesday, beating David Prosser, a Republican supporter of the governor, by just 204 votes. The upset was a remarkable repudiation of Governor Scott Walker’s attack on workers’ standard of living, though it will be challenged with a recount.

Stop the Auction!: UE Seeks Solidarity

UPDATE: The auction action has been canceled. Esterline Technologies improved its severance offer--on the condition that UE Local 204 not attempt to stop the auction. The local said that more than $600,000 for 85 members is at stake. More information will be forthcoming.

Social Security Skim-Scam a 'Holiday' from Hell

Would you give up a piece of your pension for a signing bonus? That’s just what President Obama’s proposed “payroll tax holiday” is like (such a jolly name—and just in time for the holidays, too). But the long-term effect is to beggar Social Security, and eventually cut benefits. That $15-a-week bonus now may end up costing you far more in the future.