Jane Slaughter

Argentina: Trabajadores ocupan imprenta


27 de enero

Los trabajadores de una imprenta en Buenos Aires se presentaron el lunes 16 de enero para su turno de 6:00 a.m. como de costumbre, sólo para encontrar las puertas cerradas, y la policía y seguridad privada bloqueando su camino. Grupo Clarín, el mayor grupo de medios de comunicación en Argentina, les había dejado fuera. Los 380 trabajadores fueron despedidos con planes para sustituir a los trabajadores sindicalizados bien pagados con reemplazos más baratos, no sindicalizados.

Sickout Leaders Make a Bid to Re-Energize Detroit Teachers Union


“Fired Up or Burned Out?” asks a new slate running for office in the Detroit Teachers union (DFT). “Which one are you?”

Escalating Actions

In November 2015, thousands of Detroit teachers used their “professional development day” to go to the state Capitol in Lansing for a rally against overcrowded classes and unilateral health care cost increases.

Review: What Chinese Workers Are Learning from Their Strikes


The 15 stories gathered here are meant as an “instruction manual for other workers considering direct action.” Workers can learn, sometimes by negative example—because defeats and partial victories are common—“how to formulate demands and select representatives, the various strategies bosses use to coopt representatives, what to look for as signs that the boss might flee with unpaid debts, and even how to distinguish different categories of police.”

Three big wins for workers in the last nine months arrived where you might least expect them: in the old, blue-collar economy. What enabled our side to kick some ass this year?

Mexican federal police killed a dozen teachers and students June 19 when they opened fire on a demonstration in the small town of Nochixtlan, Oaxaca.

Teachers and supporters were protesting the government’s brand of “education reform,” which they say will not help students and is designed to get rid of teachers and break union power.

An organizer has to learn to recognize the existing networks and natural leaders, who may be hidden in plain sight.

How can you move people from passive to active supporters of the union, and incorporate them into your core group of organizers?

Teamster retirees are rallying by the hundreds and thousands against the Central States Fund’s plan to slash existing retirees’ pensions by 50 to 60 percent.

They thought their pensions were secure—but now they’re fighting to keep them. Hundreds of retirees are packing town hall meetings to protest Central States Fund cuts.