Mischa Gaus

E-Z Firings of Call Center Unionists

“You’re the ringleader—the main problem.” That’s what Frank Buonvicino said managers told him as they fired him Monday. Buonvicino and 13 other union supporters at a Staten Island call center that handles complaints and inquiries for the E-Z Pass toll system were called in one by one and fired. He and his union are calling on you to help.

Should Single-Payer Activists Back Down?

Despite many expressions of support and much advocacy for a single-payer health plan, it hasn't captivated the country in the lengthy health care debate nor moved a bill through Congress. The onus is on single-payer supporters to “take a step back," an AFL staffer argued.

AFL-CIO Convention: We'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Labor Notes started the AFL-CIO convention week with a little something to celebrate: we took home first place for general excellence among national labor publications, in the International Labor Communications Association Labor Media awards. ILCA is the organization of editors and reporters who put together local and national union newspapers, magazines, and electronic media.