Mischa Gaus

Back-to-Work Legislation Ends Teamsters Railway Strike

Teamsters on the Canadian Pacific Railway will be ordered to end their nine-day strike shortly, when Parliament sends them back to work. Government back-to-work legislation is becoming a trend in Canada, with CP the third private company to receive that form of government help against its workforce since the Conservatives were elected in 2006.

Wisconsin Unions Will Push On without Champion in Walker Recall

Wisconsin voters chose Tom Barrett yesterday as the Democrat to face Republican Scott Walker in the June 5 vote for governor. Barrett won the Democratic primary handily, defeating Kathleen Falk, the candidate endorsed by most major unions in the state, by 22 points.

Barrett, the preferred choice of the state's Democratic establishment, has hinged his campaign on his independence from labor, and repeated many of the same talking points about public sector workers that voters hear from the Walker camp.

Reformers Sweep Vote in Verizon Union

Verizon, look out—there’s a new union in town. A reform group took over a big New York City telecom local yesterday, pledging to re-energize the union. The election took place against the backdrop of a wrenching contract fight that’s dragged on since a two-week strike at Verizon in August.

Blowing Holes in the Low-Road Approach

The Remapping Debate website yesterday exposed the real motives behind a consulting company’s August report that suggested manufacturing companies are finding advantages to investing in the U.S.