Mischa Gaus

Don't Target Our Mentors, Say Young Teachers

What damage is done to schools if teaching becomes a revolving door job? Young teachers say they’d prefer not to find out. A group in New York schools called on state leaders this week to preserve “last in, first out” seniority rules.

California's Paid Family Leave a Boon to Workers—For Those Who Use It

California is at the forefront of a national push by worker advocates to take some of the fear out of a family member getting sick. New research shows that the state’s path-breaking paid family leave policy, which came into effect seven years ago, has produced gains for workers—while barely affecting employers.

Jail Time for LA Car Wash Owners

Two brothers who own four LA car washes were sentenced to a year in jail last week and ordered to pay workers $1.25 million. The verdict came after a plea agreement that settled 172 charges of criminal and labor-law violations, and shows the increasing heft of a long-running Steelworkers campaign to organize car-wash workers in the city.

As Layoffs Hit, NY Transit Workers Push for $5 Worth of Solidarity

Sunday would have been Sabrina Greenwood’s five-year employment anniversary in New York’s transit system. But she won’t make it: She’ll be laid off Friday. Her union, Transport Workers Local 100, is trying to soften the blow by funding the laid-off workers’ health care with a special $5-a-week assessment from its 35,000 active members.