Mischa Gaus

Taxi Workers Become a Union—Officially

On the top floor of AFL-CIO headquarters, overlooking the White House, a new union was born this afternoon. Or more accurately, it was given an official blessing. Taxi workers in New York had built their union for 15 years at the city’s airport taxi stands, restaurants, and kitchen tables, but today they became the first new union chartered by the AFL-CIO in five years.

Nurses in Minnesota’s Iron Range wrapped a three-day strike Thursday, pushing administrators to staff up. They say management relies on overtime to staff the hospital, which leaves nurses exhausted and unsafe.

NY Cabbies, Modern-Day Sharecroppers, Bid for Health Care

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance released a groundbreaking plan yesterday to win health care for drivers. Classified as independent contractors, the city’s 50,000 licensed cabbies are uninsured at twice the rate of other New Yorkers—52 percent lack coverage, according to a city councilman’s 2009 survey.

Trade Rep's Plan Won't Stop Murders of Colombia Unionists

The U.S. Trade Representative announced a new “action plan” Wednesday to improve Colombia’s horrific history of thousands of unpunished murders of union activists. The Steelworkers and AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka opposed the deal, saying the “situation in Colombia remains unacceptably violent.”

Georgia: The New 'Show Me Your Papers' State

Thousands rallied at the Georgia state Capitol last week, protesting anti-immigrant legislation. While Arizona-like bills are advancing in other Southern states, Georgia was the first to have a big show of opposition. Adelina Nicholls, executive director of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, explained why.

Union Blows Whistle, Honeywell Fined $12 Million

Honeywell International pleaded guilty in federal court March 11 to knowingly storing hazardous waste without a permit at its southern Illinois facility, a felony. For locked-out Steelworkers at the plant, the episode reinforced their belief that the best defense they and their communities have is a vigilant union.