Dan DiMaggio

Members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 836 in Michigan have brought a 15-foot inflatable camel to their pension fight.

Your employer has already brought it up in bargaining—or else is about to. How hard are unions getting hit, and what can we do about it?

Unions that keep working after a contract expires can strike over grievances, as several CWA locals at AT&T did earlier this year.

To see through the hollow rhetoric, just look at the example of the first-ever labor case brought by the U.S. under a free trade agreement.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president is drawing impressive crowds to rallies across the country. Many union members are part of this groundswell of support, and he’s won the backing of a number of local unions and state AFL-CIOs.

Why 'Ban the Box' Matters

Applying for an entry-level job? One study found that a criminal record cuts in half the chance you’ll even get an interview. But there’s a national movement to end this discrimination: “Ban the Box.”

Right-to-Work Threats, State by State

Right-wing legislators and pressure groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council continue their push to expand “right to work” across the country, though it appears Wisconsin will be the only state to enact it in 2015.

Learning the Art of Flexible Labor

The unemployment crisis in this country coincides with a decades-long growth in employment by temp agencies, making millions of Americans’ search for secure, decent-paying jobs even more difficult. The bizarre experience I had last week along with more than 500 other Twin Cities job-seekers sheds some light on what “flexibility” means in today’s labor market.