Labor Notes #424

The union should approach every meeting of a Labor-Management Committee with the same mindset that it would bring to contract bargaining, never forgetting that management’s goals and the union’s are distinct.

Overtime laws only get enforced if workers get organized to do so, and many workers are doing just that, beating back employer demands for longer days.

For years we'd petitioned in vain to improve staffing in the emergency department. To finally make management blink, it took a blank sheet of paper.

Organizers are converging on North Carolina this summer for the biggest farmworker union drive since Cesar Chavez. Their target: Reynolds American.

The other state unions took big concessions, but we weren't about to accept such a bad deal. We proved that even unions not in a position to strike can beat back the worst of austerity.

When months-long wait times for veteran health care burst into the headlines, corporate apologists had their solutions all ready to push.

Privatize the hospitals and give veterans a voucher to buy private insurance, crowed the Wall Street Journal, Fox, and Forbes, gleeful at the chance to mention Veterans Affairs and “scandal” in the same sentence.

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