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February 24, 2011 /
As the world watched the jubilant crowds in Tahrir Square, few were aware that another hard-won victory for justice and democracy was in the making in Puerto Rico, half a world away. Students occupying their campus since December to protest a "special fee" forced the resignation of the university president and the withdrawal of police. »
February 24, 2011 / Jenny Brown
Ten thousand demonstrated against anti-worker legislation in
Indianapolis today, the same number as yesterday, packing the
statehouse and cheering when the Indiana House of Representatives was
once again unable to achieve a quorum. »
February 23, 2011 /
The spirit of the activists occupying the Capitol in Madison hasn’t changed. The movement hasn’t retreated in the slightest. As every day brings new busloads of unionists and supporters, the activists are re-energized. »
February 21, 2011 /
While all eyes turn to the huge rallies and political turmoil playing out in the Midwest—Wisconsin has been joined by Ohio, Indiana, and tomorrow Michigan—workers elsewhere fight the same battles on smaller stages. »
February 18, 2011 / Dan La Botz
Thousands of workers, mostly public employee union members but also from the private sector, rallied at the Capitol in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday to stop a senate bill that would end public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Watch video here. »
February 17, 2011 /
Protests continue into the fourth day here in Madison and the mood is electric. Representatives of nearly every major union in Wisconsin have come to the capitol in solidarity with state workers, clearly recognizing the bill as a union-buster having nothing to do with the budget. »
February 17, 2011 /
The last the demonstrators in the Wisconsin Capitol heard, the 14 Democratic senators have left the state, leaving the Senate one vote shy of a quorum and unable to consider Governor Scott Walker’s bill to strip us of our bargaining rights. »
February 14, 2011 /
As a nurse who has had her life and career forever altered from a debilitating back injury that occurred on the job, I am outraged by the recent decision by the U.S. Department of Labor to withdraw a rule requiring employers to report musculoskeletal injuries to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. »
February 11, 2011 /
Tonight the mood is not only peaceful, it is exuberant, joyful, celebratory: dancing, fire throwers, firecrackers, cheers, yells, and joy in the air. Egypt is finally free. An American writes from Cairo. »
February 11, 2011 / Jenny Brown
Hyatt hotel workers are on the march again. They’re calling out management’s push for more work in less time, plus the chain’s demands to push more health care costs onto workers and “lock in the recession” at the bargaining table. »