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People in masks and nametags seated inside. One woman in red sweater is gesturing while speaking; others are listening.
December 16, 2021 /
“They called us essential workers, so we believed them.” The labor shortage taught workers we could use the crisis to our advantage. A hundred thousand American workers either went on strike or authorized strikes in Striketober. And on November 20, 210 union members and allies showed up for a Troublemakers School in Detroit, eager to learn how to build power in »
December 08, 2021 / Jane Slaughter

Since the Chief Nurse Executive was “in a meeting,” the nurses taped their petition to a door with a red bow... »
December 08, 2021 / Alexandra Bradbury
A new spirit of defiance is spreading on the wind that whips through the North Pole workshop complex. Elves are chafing against long hours and discovering their increased leverage—both resulting from a labor shortage that has jammed up critical points in the supply chain. »
Three workers stand in front of a liquor store holding a banner that reads "This Store Too High a Price for Liquor"
December 02, 2021 / Dan DiMaggio
For more ideas on taking your campaign to consumers, see the Steward's Corner by Robert M. Schwartz, "How to Picket Stores That Sell Your Employer's Products." »
November 24, 2021 / Alexandra Bradbury
It’s inspiring to see members in revolt against two-tier at the farm equipment maker John Deere, the hospital chain Kaiser »
Joyful people in red shirts throw their fists in the air. One has a "CWA On Strike Against Mercy Hospital of Buffalo" picket sign. Outdoors.
November 19, 2021 / Dan DiMaggio
After five weeks on strike, 2,000 Buffalo hospital workers returned to work November 10 with what they are calling a “landmark” agreement on their top demand: safe staffing ratios. »
November 09, 2021 /
If you thought union raids had gone out of fashion around the time of the jitterbug, think again. Raids are making a comeback, courtesy of the American Federation of Teachers. »
Hundreds of Columbia students gather for a rally on the main quad.
November 05, 2021 /
While the 10,000 United Auto Workers members on strike at John Deere have drawn the national spotlight over the past three weeks, several thousand UAW members have also struck at two other billionaire employers: Harvard and Columbia »
Picketers in yellow vests holding "ON STRIKE FOR FAIR WAGES AGAINST SELLER CONSTRUCTION" signs outside in dim dawn light.
November 04, 2021 /
A hundred thousand American workers either went on strike or authorized strikes in October, now known as Striketober. Here in the Pacific Northwest, carpenters began a courageous strike in September, rejecting four tentative agreements in an effort to win a contract that would put them more on pace with the higher-earning trades. »
People sit around a big table, leaning in. One is drawing a workplace map on big paper, while another points something out. They're in a hotel conference room. Other table groups are visible behind them.
November 02, 2021 /
When a lot happens in the labor movement, a lot happens at Labor Notes. Visit for details on online workshops and stewards trainings, as well as in-person Troublemakers Schools. Some highlights: »