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Picketers (Black and white, men and women) marching in front of a post office. Signs say "U.S. Mail Is Not for Sale," "Postmaster DeJoy Is Destroying Our Post Office," "Save Our Public Postal Service: Forever Essential." Also visible are copies of the flyer "Dump DeJoy and His 10-Year Plan."
May 12, 2021 /
Last fall, the Detroit local of the Postal Workers (APWU) stepped out with a rally and flyer calling on workers to defend democracy and warning of a possible coup. National APWU picked up that flyer and copied it in a national publication. »
Duke University Press Workers Union posing in matching black T-shirts on grass.
May 04, 2021 /
Update May 5: The Duke University Press Workers Union officially filed for an election on May 3.—Eds After years of high turnover, low pay, and discriminatory practices affecting people of color and queer people, workers at Duke University Press in Durham, North Carolina, are organizing a union. »
Crowd of teachers and supporters protesting in Amman in front of building, some with raised arms, on July 29 2020
May 03, 2021 /
One of the Middle East’s most active and militant labor unions has come and gone. The Jordan Teachers’ Syndicate (JTS) was outlawed and dissolved by the government in July 2020. It represented around 140,000 teachers in the small country of 10 million people. »
April 28, 2021 /
The question of whether the Postal Service acts as a business or as a public service is playing out once again—this time in the discussion over fighting climate change. »
April 27, 2021 /
The hit NBC show Superstore ran for six seasons before being cancelled after star America Ferrera departed. »
April 26, 2021 / Saurav Sarkar
I covered the immigrant “mega marches” as a freelance reporter in 2006. In response to some horrific, punitive legislation passed by the House of Representatives, millions of immigrants took to the streets of Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and other cities. »
Amazon van exiting a building, about to turn onto a city street, with pedestrian crossing in front
April 23, 2021 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall
Working conditions at Amazon have been under a spotlight for months—not only for workers in the company’s warehouses but also for its delivery drivers, who face »
A group of people stands outside the St. Paul Labor Center, fists raised. It is dark out, and they are backlit.
April 21, 2021 /
Within days of the police killing 20-year-old Daunte Wright, the streets of the Twin Cities metro area were once again filled with National Guard units. »
Workers—in their soiled work clothes—line up to vote at a table in a 1941 union election.
April 19, 2021 /
The results of the recent unionization election at Amazon’s Bessemer facility were, to put it mildly, disappointing: 738 votes in favor of the union; 1,798 against; with turnout (perhaps as significant a marker) lackluster at just over 50 percent. »
Close-up selfie of Petal Robertson, a Black woman with red glasses, smiling into the camera, outdoors
April 06, 2021 /
I often reflect upon how our local education association in the small town of Montclair, New Jersey, managed to garner the attention of national news during the Covid school reopening debate. It’s quite simple, really—we organized. Organizing is a mindset, one that follows three principles: 1. Teach people how to treat you. »