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October 13, 2021 /
Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for the hit series, including the final episodes. –Editors. The compelling Netflix TV series Squid Game—set in modern South Korea—is on pace to become the most watched series in Netflix history. Just a month after its launch, it is expected to soon hit 100 million global household views. »
October 11, 2021 / Jonah Furman
John Deere workers on Sunday overwhelmingly voted down the first tentative agreement negotiated by the Auto Workers (UAW) and the company. Among the over 90 percent of members voting, 90 percent voted no. »
Four BGGTM Kellogg workers with signs on the picket line in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
October 07, 2021 / Jonah Furman
Just after midnight October 5, workers at all four of Kellogg’s “ready-to-eat cereal” plants went on strike. Bakery Workers (BCTGM) Local 3G represents the 395 workers at the flagship plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. Labor Notes spoke with Local 3G President Trevor Bidelman and Vice President Paul Walling. »
Dozens of Frontier workers / CWA members wearing red assembled with Scabby the inflatable rat
October 06, 2021 / Jonah Furman
Two thousand workers at the telecom provider Frontier in California walked off the job yesterday on an unfair labor practice (ULP) strike. Technicians, call center employees, dispatchers, clerks, mechanics, and construction workers across seven Communications Workers (CWA) locals got the call around 10 »
Large crowd of Michigan Nurses Association members posing in red with flags and banner on steps assembled.
October 04, 2021 /
On September 24, ballots were counted in an election to determine the fate of the nurses union at the University of Michigan. By 58 to 41 percent (with less than 1 percent voting for “no union”), U of M nurses voted to stay with the Michigan Nurses (MNA), their union of 46 years. The vote defeated an attempted raid backed by the Teachers (AFT). »
October 04, 2021 / Jonah Furman
A group of New York City educators who bucked the union’s ruling caucus to vote down their contract three years ago has now won elected office. This puts them in the leadership of their small chapter within the United Federation of Teachers—and gives them seats on the union’s bargaining team for 2022. »
Help Wanted sign - background red, text white, in window of store
September 30, 2021 / Luis Feliz Leon, / Dan DiMaggio
The capitalist vultures are wheeling low, but they’re finding slim pickings to choose from these days. “No one wants to work!” The bosses whine about a worker shortage—though it’s one they brought about. »
September 25, 2021 /
This piece, from American Federation of Teachers Executive Vice President Evelyn DeJesus, is a response to a Viewpoint we published earlier this week, “The AFT Shouldn’t Be Negotiating Away Puerto Rican Teachers’ Pensions,” by the MORE »