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Samantha smiling during the 2014 Labor Notes Conference
July 16, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury
This month’s magazine is bittersweet; it’s the last one with Samantha Winslow’s name on the masthead, as she leaves the staff. »
Nurses hold picket signs that read "AMITA: Calls Us Heroes, Treats Us Like Zeroes," in front of St. Joseph Hospital.
July 15, 2020 /
“After COVID-19, they put a sign up saying ‘heroes work here,’ but they sure aren’t treating us like that in bargaining,” said Olga Deschamps, a nurse at AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois. »
July 14, 2020 / Bianca Cunningham
Labor Notes is pleased to present a series of free webinars taught by veteran Boston labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz and hosted by Labor Notes staffer Bianca Cunningham. »
July 10, 2020 /
As calls to defund the police rise across the country, many of us are taking stock of our own association with police through our common membership in unions. We’re coming to see the police as a direct threat to us as union members, and we're also frustrated with the ways that too many police exploit the strengths of collective bargaining to avoid punishment for »
Crowd viewed from back. Sign in foreground, hand-lettered: "Black Lives Matter." Signs in background, printed: "Racism is a public health crisis" with the logo of National Nurses United
July 07, 2020 /
A coalition of Chicago unions and community organizations has come together around the call “Black Lives Matter, Health Care Justice Now.” The group is demanding that resources that currently go toward racist policing be redirected toward human services that improve health. »
June 30, 2020 /
After this article was published on June 30, some of those quoted in it became concerned about retaliation. Some names have been removed. »
June 26, 2020 /
Despite the pandemic, postal workers in at least 18 cities and towns rallied on foot, by car, and even by bicycle June 23 to demand federal funding to save the U.S. Postal Service. While the House has passed a $25 billion rescue package, the Senate is not expected to take it up until after July 4. »
June 25, 2020 /
Two years ago, the Red for Ed movement swept across Arizona. Seventy thousand educators flooded the capitol demanding higher wages and lower class sizes and a stake at the bargaining table. »
Four Black workers in red Verizon shirts kneel in a parking lot, fists raised.
June 19, 2020 / Saurav Sarkar
The Black Lives Matter uprising has prompted strong statements about racism and police accountability from top union officials, but the participation of the labor movement has been limited. Several internationals have, to their credit, encouraged their members. »
Masked people stand outside holding red printed signs. Visible sign in foreground says: "Solidarity with Sanitation Workers! Hazard Pay and PPE Now!"
June 16, 2020 /
Update: A union coalition got the Philadelphia city council to pass the Essential Workers Protection Act described below. It forbids retaliation against any worker, public or private, for reporting public health violations in the workplace, and it enables them to decline to work in conditions they reasonably believe to be dangerous and unhealthy. »