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January 27, 2008 /
Labor Notes conferences consistently feature the most comprehensive list of workshops for labor activists. No matter what kind of work you do in the labor movement, you'll find a slew of workshops that fit your needs and expand your horizons. Check out our preliminary list below of what Labor Notes has in store this time around at Rebuilding Labor's Power: »
January 25, 2008 /
The Labor Notes conference boasts some of the most talented labor activists in the country and from around the world. We want to give you the chance to showcase your talent. In the past we have seen everything from singing, to juggling, to traditional Japanese dance. So don't forget to bring your talent for the Saturday night open mic/talent show complete with »
January 21, 2008 /
Want to be part of making the 2008 Labor Notes conference the best organized ever and get a discount on registration at the same time? Sign up now to become a conference volunteer and Labor Notes will consider a reduction in your registration fee on request. We will also match you with the conference task that best matches your interests and capabilities. So »
January 17, 2008 /
Here at Labor Notes, we are starting to put together the program for Rebuilding Labor's Power and thought you might want a sneak peak: »
January 11, 2008 /
For the first time ever the Detroit/Michigan National Lawyer's Guild Chapter & Sugar Law Center invite conference participants to arrive early and attend a reception they are hosting for the Authentic Workers' Front (Frente Auténtico del Trabajo) delegation on Thursday, April 10 at 6 p.m. »
January 08, 2008 /
Labor Notes is committed to ensuring that, as far as is possible, potential delegates are empowered to attend the conference regardless of financial constraints. If you would like to attend the conference but require financial assistance apply for a conference scholarship today. Our scholarships are allocated on an individual need basis with consideration also »
January 03, 2008 /
Call a regional contact near you to set up a ride-share to the conference so that you can save costs, have fun and arrive safely! Ohio: Dan La Botz, 513-861-8722 New York: Steve Kindred, 917-679-0275 Pittsburgh: Patrick Young, 412-298-6361 Chicago: Jose Oliva, 773-612-2559 Toronto: Sarah Declerk, 416-830-9537 Madison: Ron Kaminkow, »
December 26, 2007 /
For the first time ever Labor Notes is offering a special Chinese Labor Movement track. Attend if you want to learn more about the Chinese labor movement or if you are a labor activist who is already doing work in this area. The track will include: »
December 12, 2007 /
Help us build the conference by contacting a local organizing committee member in your area: Albany, NY: Jon Flanders, 518-272-1318 Boston, MA: Steve Early, 617-930-7327 Chicago, IL: Jose Oliva, 773-612-2559 Cincinnati, OH: Dan La Botz, 513-861-8722 New York, NY: Steve Kindred, 917-679-0275 Pittsburgh, PA: Patrick Young, 412-298-6361 Portland, OR: Johanna »
December 05, 2007 /
“I’ll be there!” says Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director of the California Nurses Association, who will be a main session speaker. "Labor must be in the forefront of the broad social movement we need to win single-payer health care reform. For unions, it is the only solution to the escalating employer demands for health care takeaways and cost shifting, and »