Labor Notes #433

A new network called United Caucuses of Rank-and-File Educators is bringing together activists organizing against school closings, charter school proliferation, and the overuse of testing.

After nearly two years of organizing and a grueling six-month strike, in February workers at Golan’s Moving and Storage in Skokie, Illinois, ratified their first contract.

Going beyond contracts and grievances, the United Food and Commercial Workers is serving its members in a new way: helping immigrants prepare to get legal authorization to work, under President Obama’s recent executive order.

United Teachers Los Angeles has declared impasse in its negotiations with the nation’s second-largest school district. Fifteen thousand members filled a downtown park. Is a strike on the way?

Are the chickens finally coming home to roost for Teamsters brass? After the Hoffa administration forced concessions onto unwilling members, opponents are teaming up in the 2016 race.

The battle over the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other secret trade deals is coming to a head. As Communications Workers activist Joe Tarulli explains, “It’s not about trade. It’s about deregulating all these industries.”

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