Julia Kann

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has put another 82 mail processing plants on the chopping block, claiming this will save $750 million a year. But you know what could bring in 12 times that much money?

Thousands of drivers plan to gridlock the streets of London. They're angry that "rideshare” companies are leapfrogging regulations as they roll into cities.

The call for “$15 and a union” went up again today, but with a new—and bigger—group of allies. As striking fast food workers hit picket lines across the U.S., supporters and workers rallied in 30 other countries.

It’s been a bumpy road for SuperShuttle drivers attempting to organize at three D.C.-area airports. To win recognition, the drivers must prove they are employees—of a global corporation that charges them high fees to work.

Food service workers in the federally owned Smithsonian museums have won a union using the short strike tactics employed by thousands of fast-food workers.

Beneath the Pink Mustache


With a neon pink mustache and lots of social media hype, it's clear that Lyft—an alternative to taxis—is targeting me. But taxi drivers aren't happy with the new trend, and I see their point.