Alexandra Bradbury

Four endangered Bay Area post offices will stay open after all, and the subcontracting of California postal trucker jobs is on hold. Those victories were the latest in a string of local wins for grassroots activists across the country.

Workers at a Portland laundry were scheduled the same way for 30 years--until the company announced it was switching everyone. The contract was no help, and the plant’s only steward had just been wrongfully fired.

“Good morning! I’m on strike!” shouted McDonald’s worker Darryl Young this morning. Fast food workers across New York City staged a one-day strike today, calling for a raise and an end to anti-union retaliation.

With customers and workers up in arms at his original plan to close nearly 4,000 post offices and half the nation’s mail sorting plants, the postmaster general has responded to pressure by postponing some closings and spreading the pain.

Majorities of voters, even Republicans, support raising the minimum wage, and politicians who oppose it sound mean and out of touch. But no one is running on it this year.

Strikers have returned to work with full back pay at Walmart’s giant warehouse in Elwood, Illinois. They had struck for three weeks over their employer's illegal retaliation for on-the-job organizing.