Samantha Winslow

Teacher, student, and parent protests in suburban Denver drew national attention to a battle against curriculum censorship—but it took several blows to come to this point.

Workers at the North Carolina Cummins diesel engine plant won wage increases this summer—even without having a recognized union or majority union support inside their shop.

Here's how the controversial Common Core standards, pushed by the Gates Foundation and now in force in 45 states, are affecting day-to-day work in the classroom.

Harris v. Quinn has struck down agency fees for Illinois's home care union, finding the workers to be only "quasi-public employees." The ruling sets the stage for future challenges to dues requirements in the rest of the public sector.

Report: Charters Creating Two-Tier Education


As an antidote to the “grow grow grow” mentality of the elected officials and business leaders pushing charter schools, a recent report by University of Oregon professor and political economist Gordon Lafer outlines what’s wrong with privatization of public schools.

The report, titled Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education than Rich Kids? Evaluating School Privatization Proposals in Milwaukee, focuses on the model of Rocketship, a national charter elementary school organization that hopes to expand its Milwaukee footprint to eight schools by 2018.

The new statewide president of the 110,000-member Massachusetts teachers’ union made her name leading a standardized test boycott.

Fix Schools First, Say Charter Teachers


Charter school teachers in Philadelphia are speaking out against their employer taking over another school while ignoring teachers at existing schools.

Instead of supporting management’s expansion plans, they’re making common cause with parents at the targeted school, Luis Muñoz-Marín Elementary. The teachers want to unionize in the charter teacher local of the AFT.

Transit Irony: The More You Rely on It, the More They Cut


On one side of town, tourists and young professionals head downtown on light rail: clean, air-conditioned, fast. If there’s a problem with service, the city diverts buses to help.

On the other side of town, workers wait at bus stops. The buses that carry them to work come less and less frequently, thanks to service cuts. Drivers struggle to get through their routes in less time.