Samantha Winslow

More workers getting their papers could be a breakthrough for unions—but watch for an expansion of guestworker programs, with few rights.

When Philadelphia announced plans to shut one-sixth of its schools and uproot 17,000 students, teachers realized it would take a citywide fight to stop the 37 closures.

The New York teachers union nearly finalized a deal that would drastically change how teachers are evaluated, but it broke down at the 11th hour.

Eight thousand drivers and aides walked out to defend seniority, wages, and training provisions that have been part of city school bus contracts since the 1970s.

Is peer review a step forward for teachers, or a distraction to sell them on an unjust evaluation system that determines their pay? Union leaders call a new contract in Newark "groundbreaking," but some teachers are wary.

Teachers across Hawaii are getting the attention of school officials and their state legislature by exercising an old union tactic, work-to-rule. Two years after an imposed contract stuck them with wage and benefit cuts, the teachers are building momentum to win a better deal.

Union-backed ballot measures, including minimum wage increases and taxes on the rich, fared well around the country yesterday, with an exception in Michigan and an uncertain outcome in Phoenix. Here's a round-up.