Theresa Moran

Striking Chicago teachers will remain out until Wednesday at least, as members debate their tentative deal. It makes gains on key issues while accepting concessions on health care and job security.

Chicago Teachers Win Relief in Longer Day Battle, but War Not Over

The Chicago Teachers Union won a major victory yesterday when the city halted its plans to increase teacher work hours.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago school board announced in April that they were unilaterally increasing the school day by 20 percent in the fall—without increasing teaching staff or providing proportional compensation for the additional hours.

Chicago teachers already work an average of 58 hours a week, according to a recent report. Under Illinois labor law, the board is not required to negotiate with teachers over work hours.

As Indiana becomes the nation’s 23rd right-to-work state, unionists and Occupiers are considering what actions to take as the nation’s attention focuses on the NFL championship in Indianapolis.