Labor Notes #431

Many thought Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union Act 10 would be a death sentence for Wisconsin’s public sector unions. But teacher unions around the state have taken the law’s obstacles and turned them into organizing opportunities.

A new Labor Board ruling could finally unstick the unionization of professors in the private sector—a project that’s been stalled for 35 years.

The teacher union and its allies are making a bid to channel the spirit and unity of the 2012 strike into unseating “Mayor 1%” and his city council cronies.

In Pittsburgh, as health care workers at the Allegheny County Jail fight for better care for inmates, they are finding allies among community activists.

Four women have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of themselves and the 1,000 women working at Chicago’s Ford Assembly plant, saying sexual harassment at the plant is out of control.

Negotiations are stalled on the West Coast between 20,000 longshore workers and the major shipping companies. Employers are screaming over congestion that has ships stacking up outside ports.

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