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April 02, 2020 /
Strikes, work stoppages, and protests this week at Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, and other workplaces may not have done much to shut down the nation’s stores and warehouses, but they sent America a very loud and potent message none the less. »
April 01, 2020 /
More unions are demanding that all non-essential workplaces be shut down, to slow the spread of the coronavirus. On a Labor Notes webinar March 30, essential workers pleaded with everyone else to please stay home. Of course, that requires »
April 01, 2020 /
This week and last, Labor Notes invited labor leaders and organizers to talk via Zoom about what we can do to organize during this pandemic. These are the beginning steps we came up with: »
SPREAD OUT written on a sign above a road with pillars in the background.
April 01, 2020 /
Workers’ health and safety matter more than anything, but workers are being forced to choose between their income and their health. It is right and necessary to be angry about how you and your co-workers are being treated. »
March 31, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury
Many workers still on the job during this pandemic are upset about their working conditions. But can you get in trouble for talking about your concerns—to your co-workers, on social media, or to the newspaper? In a word: no. Not legally, anyway. »
March 31, 2020 /
The coronavirus pandemic poses serious risks to those workers still on the job, and all too often, management is acting slowly and doing far too little to protect essential employees like grocery workers, »
Black slingshot on blue background with text "Conversations with Troublemakers"
March 27, 2020 / Barbara Madeloni, / Samantha Winslow
Two hundred education workers from across the United States and Canada were on a call together to learn from each other about how to organize in the face of the novel coronavirus. As the virus extended its reach in Seattle and New York City, educators fought to shut down the schools. »
March 27, 2020 / Chris Brooks
Some employers are laying us off and canceling our health care. Others say workers must show up for work regardless of the danger—and then not giving us the protective equipment we need. What can non-union workers do to protect themselves, their families, and the public? »
March 26, 2020 / Chris Brooks
You must register to participate in this webinar. Please register here. Defying health experts who say we need a five-week national lockdown, Republicans and employers are pushing for workers to endanger themselves and everyone around them by returning to work in April. »
Cartoon. First panel, a tower of workers holds up boss. Second panel, boss flounders mid-air after workers vanish. At bottom handheld signs say "Justice, Respect" "Fair Pay" "Workplace Rights." Caption: "Always keep in mind, your boss needs you... more than you need your boss."
March 25, 2020 /
There’s good news and bad news about TORN, the latest book of cartoons from Gary Huck and Mike Konopacki. The good: It’s a doozy! The bad: It’s their last one. »