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November 19, 2010 /
How do rank and file auto workers create the awareness and solidarity in local unions to fight concessions in the upcoming Big Three contract talks? Auto workers met November 14 to discuss strategy. »
November 19, 2010 /
Thirty-five cities saw protests against wage theft on Thursday as part of the Interfaith Worker Justice National Day of Action against Wage Theft. Organizers of the rallies say wage theft is an epidemic, with billions legally earned by workers but stolen by their employer. »
November 18, 2010 /
Executives of the listener-supported radio network Pacifica have moved to take control of the Berkeley flagship station KPFA, laying off unionized staff of a popular drive-time program with no notice. The events are reminiscent of those a decade ago that kicked off a long struggle over control of Pacifica. »
November 15, 2010 /
A highly regarded public charter school in Chicago has leveled a series of union-busting tactics at its teachers this fall—which has been met by a community-union partnership that’s fought back. »
November 09, 2010 /
Why does a billionaire want to take away your Social Security benefits? Today former hedge fund manager Peter Peterson announced an ad campaign aimed at raising the retirement age, among other robberies. »
November 07, 2010 /
“I haven't been this excited since the early 1990s,” said a Teamster at a strategizing session for the Sandy Pope campaign. Pope, a local president in New York, is running against James Hoffa for the Teamsters presidency next year. »
November 05, 2010 /
Ohio Teamsters are experiencing a classic case of what happens when a company is ready to break the law to keep a union out. Since 125 aluminum foundry workers voted for Akron Teamsters Local 24 in March 2008, management has been barefaced in its refusal to bargain and its discrimination against union supporters, while threatening to sell the plant if workers »
November 04, 2010 / Jenny Brown
Delta flight attendants in New York gathered in disbelief yesterday to hear the bad news about their month-long union election. »
October 29, 2010 /
A slate of union reformers won a narrow victory Wednesday in the first round of a teachers’ union election in Washington, D.C. The election has far-reaching implications because the D.C. school district has been celebrated as a national model for the corporate version of school reform being carried out by President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. »
October 29, 2010 /
As French President Nicolas Sarkozy moved within inches of passing unpopular pension cutbacks, workers continued to strike and march in protest. Close to two million people filled the streets throughout France October 28, marking the seventh national day of action in less than two months. »