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Workers in red UNITE HERE shirts pose at a huge rally. One handlettered sign says "Fair contract for Trump workers" and another printed sign says "Love Trumps Hate."
July 16, 2024 / Jenny Brown
Corporate backers of the Trump campaign have tipped their hand. In “Project 2025: Presidential Transition Project,” the Heritage Foundation unveiled its 900-page wish list for a new Trump presidency and a compliant Supreme Court. »
Photo of Jane McAlevey smiling at a microphone and looking left in an aqua blue shirt
July 08, 2024 /
Jane McAlevey was a friend and a comrade and I can’t believe she’s gone. After she won the battle against her cancer so many times over the past few years, up until the very end part of me thought she’d find a way to beat it yet again. As a mutual friend texted me yesterday, “Jane was like a superhero, it seemed like if anybody could defeat death, it was her.” »
Workers in red UNITE HERE shirts and carrying round matching signs stand on steps outside. Those in front hold a large printed banner: "Tech Cafeteria Workers Say... No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All."
June 27, 2024 / Alexandra Bradbury
The Trump campaign is doing a great job of stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment. Maybe you’re getting an earful from co-workers. Maybe you’re worried yourself. »
Two women in dark t-shirts stand side by side, one reading from a thick booklet
June 26, 2024 /
Vermonters have a special relationship with direct participatory democracy. The first Tuesday of every March, in towns big and small, citizens gather in person to do the business of their community the old-fashioned way—face to face, one person, one vote. Everyone can have the floor to speak their opinion, from an elected officer to the worker who hauls the »
June 25, 2024 /
Labor Notes and our trusty officemates—Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), the Association for Union Democracy, and lately the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee—are moving! »
Picketers picket on a sidewalk. Person in foreground, wearing a safety-yellow jacket, smiles at the camera. This person has brown skin, glasses, hair in a ponytail, and holds a Local 46 picket sign printed with a limited energy of a fist holding bolts of lightning and the words "Your Life Safety Electricians, Fighting for a Better Contract." The sign appears to be autographed by many other strikers. Another printed sign visible in background says "On strike! NECA! Negotiate now!"
June 20, 2024 /
Two months into an unprecedented strike, the 1,023 members of the limited energy construction unit of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 46 in Seattle voted overwhelmingly June 11 and again June 15 to stay out. »
Three purple buttons. Pronoun "He," "They," or "She" is surrounded on each button by rainbow flag, trans flag, and the words "Union Pride."
June 12, 2024 /
In my union, UFCW Local 555, we found a straightforward yet powerful tool to make the workplace more inclusive: union pride pronoun buttons. »
Many jubilant people holding "IATSE Supports Workers' Rights" picket signs stand in a crowd outdoors in the sunshine, shouting together.
June 10, 2024 /
The Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) are now several months into bargaining the Hollywood Basic Agreement—the Los Angeles film and TV contract that sets the pattern for all IATSE’s other film and TV contracts. Inspired by the transparency and mobilization that helped other unions win big contract gains last year, members are demanding more involvement. »
Postal workers march with signs about working conditions.
May 28, 2024 /
For three years, rank-and-file postal workers and community allies have been fighting Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Ten-Year Plan to Amazonify the postal service. »
A group of Black and white men and women, most in red T-shirts, stand in front of the plant gates. Many carry blue and white "UAW on strike" picket signs.
May 23, 2024 /
After we struck for six weeks last fall and won a contract that promised a path to seniority, auto workers are being screwed over again by Stellantis. »