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Tour Calls on Dems to Get to Work on Climate and Jobs

A 17-state bus tour is the keystone of “The Job’s Not Done," a ramping up of efforts by the Blue Green Alliance—a coalition of labor and environmental players including the Steelworkers—to get the Senate to take up a comprehensive climate change bill to provide funding for jobs in new energy technologies.

Chamber of Commerce to Women: Don't Worry, Be Happy about Pay Gap

Wednesday’s post over at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog (yes, even the Chamber has a blog these days) opines that the income disparity between women and men has an easy solution. All a woman has to do is make the right choices: pick the “right place to work” and the “right partner.” With a rich hubby, your low pay won’t matter!

Indianapolis GM Workers Toss Out Reps Selling Concessions

UAW International representatives intent on cutting GM workers’ wages in half were met with a roaring reception—of boos—in Indianapolis Sunday. Unable to make themselves heard over the shouts of “traitor!” and more from the standing-room-only crowd of stamping plant workers, a rep finally asked, “Are there members who want to hear this information?” “NO!” was the answer. “Get out!”

Suicides at Apple Factory in China Rock the Sweatshop Supply System

Apple's been all over the news these days, and not just because of the iPad. The high number of worker suicides at a supplier factory in Shenzhen, China, has built into a crisis for Apple, one that activists could push to crack the abusive relationship between corporations and their suppliers that drives wages and working conditions ever downward across the globe.

The conference kicks off at 1pm on Friday April 23, with the opening main session at 7:30 pm. Some pre-conference meetings, including the Latino pre-conference at 10 am, begin earlier. Closing session ends at 2pm Sunday, April 25.

What You’ll Find

Control the Shop Floor
Nuts & Bolts skills for building power at work:

Get Ready for a Really Big Show

Get ready for a really big show—the 2010 Labor Notes Conference is on track to be the biggest ever! It’s got to be a sign that more and more people are fed up with strategies that don’t work. Come find out what it feels like to be together with more than 1,000 other troublemakers who are searching, like you, for a way to light some fires.

Auto Worker Activists Regroup, Prepare to Fight Anew

“A job is a right, we’re going to fight, fight, fight!” The chant filled the cavernous hotel conference room with anger and enthusiasm as the largest rank-and-file auto worker meeting in many years came to a close. Nearly 100 retired and active workers from the Big 3 and a dozen parts suppliers met outside of Detroit last weekend to discuss strategies for rank-and-file organizing after months of concessions and plant closings agreed to by the UAW.