Alexandra Bradbury

If members run the local... what exactly is the union rep's job? We asked four experienced staffers how they approach their day-to-day tasks while keeping the rank and file in the driver’s seat.

Postal workers rallied in 56 locations around the country protesting the piecemeal outsourcing of postal work. They've gained an important ally: teachers, who are big buyers of office supplies.

“I didn’t know going on strike would feel so liberating,” 25-year-old McDonald’s worker Jessica Davis of Chicago declared in the Labor Notes Conference's opening session. “I can’t wait for the next strike!”

We troublemakers keep hoping for the spark that will set a wildfire of workers in motion, like in 1937. But that takes legions of skilled, far-sighted activists. Unions' job is to train them up—through everyday struggles in the workplace.

Pete Seeger’s Grains of Sand

“If you want higher wages, let me tell you what to do: you got to talk to the workers in the shop with you,” begins a wonderful, funny talking blues that Seeger’s group, the Almanac Singers, wrote in 1941 to boost CIO organizing.

The point is to close more post offices—and minimize public outcry. Will customers take the bait?

Books to Give (or Keep)

Are you hunting for the perfect gift for the labor bookworms on your list? Or maybe you’re hungry for reading material to tide you over till Labor Notes’ next book? Here are some gems.

As employers seize upon the Obamacare excuse, grocery unions are struggling to keep part-timers in their health care plans.