Labor Notes #434

Labor has dodged a bullet—for now. But any union that takes the Supreme Court shakeup as a cue to go back to business as usual will be making a big mistake.

Thousands of nurses poured into the streets of New York City, coordinating their contract campaign across 17 hospitals for the first time. Voting for strike authorization could come soon.

Abandoning universal health care, as it turned out, was only the opening shot in Governor Peter Shumlin’s barrage against working people this year. But in the face of the assaults, the local labor movement is showing new energy.

Several hundred frustrated health care reform advocates showed up at the governor’s inauguration—and they weren’t there to applaud. Instead they staged a sit-in, chanting and singing, unfurling banners and refusing to leave.

Teachers and counselors at Los Angeles’ largest charter school chain are thinking big. Instead of unionizing school by school, they’re pushing Alliance College-Ready Charter Schools to agree to ground rules for organizing, without boss interference, at all 26 schools in the chain.

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