Steve Early

Several hundred frustrated health care reform advocates showed up at the governor’s inauguration—and they weren’t there to applaud. Instead they staged a sit-in, chanting and singing, unfurling banners and refusing to leave.

AFL-CIO leaders basked in a glow of favorable media coverage of their 2013 convention. But unfortunately missing were strategies for defending and re-energizing union members.

The powerful union is making an object lesson of dissidents who dared disobey.

NUHW supporters must now pursue a “minority union” organizing approach. The upstart union lost its second bid to represent 45,000 service and technical workers at the giant California health care chain.

Iraqi Labor Unions Still Struggling with U.S. Occupation’s Yoke

In the wake of last year’s long overdue U.S. troop withdrawal, media coverage of Iraq has dwindled to near zero. The fate of costly U.S.-funded projects and institutions is little known or largely forgotten, $800 billion later. Among the many problematic U.S. efforts to remake the country was the Coalition Provisional Authority’s assistance in quashing one type of non-governmental organization: trade unions.

Can SEIU Help Vermonters Win Single Payer?

While the nation waits for an overdue Supreme Court decision that will decide the fate of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, another health care drama with wide implications for universal health care is just starting in Vermont.

The Teamsters---Will Reality TV Be Stranger than Fiction?

From "Jersey Shore" to the short-lived "All-American Muslim" to the glitzier "Shahs of Sunset," there seems to be no ethnic community left untouched by the national carny show known as reality TV. Always dissed or ignored by the mass media, the multi-ethnic enclave of organized labor might have been the last holdout against letting it all hang out in this shamelessly exhibitionist genre.

100 Years Later, the Cry for ‘Bread & Roses’ Still Resonates

One hundred years ago today, thousands of angry textile workers abandoned their looms and poured into the frigid streets of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Like Occupy Wall Street in our own gilded age, this unexpected grassroots protest cast a dramatic spotlight on the problem of social and economic inequality. In all of American labor history, there are few better examples of the synergy between radical activism and indigenous militancy.

Critics of AT&T Contract Back Reform Candidate in CWA

This week in Las Vegas, the Communications Workers (CWA) experienced a rare contested race for a top officer position. For the first time in many decades, a local leader ran against the consensus candidate of the union establishment, garnering a quarter of the vote.