Nuts and Bolts Book Combo

Add our newest book, The Steward's Toolbox, along with Labor Notes best-seller, A Troublemaker's Handbook 2, to your collection.


Democracy Is Power

The missing element in much of today's debates about rebuilding labor is internal democracy. Democracy Is Power shows what member control really looks like, and why it is crucial to labor's future.


Just Cause

Just Cause: A Union Guide To Winning Discipline Cases by union attorney Robert M. Schwartz is the first new look at union discipline principles since "The seven tests of just cause" propounded by labor arbitrator Carroll Daugherty in 1965. Just Cause brings the seven tests up to date, adding the established principles of progressive discipline and mitigating circumstances.


The Stewards Toolbox

The Steward's Toolbox, edited by Labor Notes editor Mischa Gaus, is a how-to resource guide that gives stewards, union activists, and leaders new and old the skills and orientation they need. Bringing together five years' worth of knowledge from the pages of Labor Notes magazine, the book offers eight chapters full of experience and advice on everything from how to defend past practices to how to build a successful coalition to defeat privatization.


A Troublemaker's Handbook 2

This oversize manual is for workers who want to take control over their lives at work. In hundreds of first-person accounts, workers tell in their own words how they did just that.


Best-sellers Triple Play

Get our newest book, The Steward's Toolbox, together with Labor Notes best-sellers, A Troublemaker's Handbook 2, and Democracy is Power.


Strikes Picketing and Inside Campaigns

Don't let your boss be the only one that's informed on your rights as a union member to organize a strike, picket, or action. Robert Schwartz's Strikes, Picketing and Inside Campaigns walks union members and leaders through their rights to speak out--a powerful tool for any union mobilizing their ranks. An easy to read resource, this book will help you organize your union's next contract campaign, work grievance action, or picket.



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