How to Strike and Win: A Labor Notes Guide

Strikes by unorganized workers led to the founding of unions. Strikes won the first union contracts. Strikes over the years won bigger paychecks, vacations, seniority rights, and the right to tell the foreman “that’s not my job.” Without strikes we would have no labor movement, no unions, no contracts, and a far worse working and living situation.

In short, strikes are the strongest tool in workers’ toolbox—our power not just to ask, but to force our employers to concede something.

This special expanded issue of Labor Notes is a manual on how to strike and win. Contents include:

  • Why strikes matter
  • What makes the difference between a winning strike and a losing one
  • A map of recent strike hot spots
  • How organizing for a strike can be part of a rank-and-file push to build a stronger union
  • The various types of strikes and near-strike tactics
  • Legal factors to consider
  • The elements of organizing a democratic, member-driven, community-supported, and powerful campaign that puts a credible strike threat on the table
  • A detailed timeline covering the campaign, strike prep, what to do on the picket lines (and beyond), and how a strike ends

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