Rebuilding Power in Open-Shop America: A Labor Notes Guide

"Right-to-work" laws and the Supreme Court's Janus decision don't have to mean game-over for unions.

For this special expanded issue of Labor Notes (July 2018) we talked to workers who are building powerful unions despite a mandatory open shop—in schools, factories, buses, hospitals, oil refineries, grocery stores, post offices, and shipyards across the U.S.

This guide reveals the principles and practical steps behind their successes. Packed with info, exercises, and tips, it's a great tool to share with union stewards, executive board members, or rank-and-file activists.

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Take a peek at our prescription.

Read about the racist history of "right to work" and the anti-union game plan.

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What will it take to make your union bulletproof?

Try the “open-shop stress test” to start a conversation in your next steward meeting.

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