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August 14, 2019 /
Miners in Harlan County, Kentucky, have drawn national attention with their direct action—occupying a railroad track to halt a coal train until the miners get paid the wages they are owed for digging it up. »
Covers of four issues of Labor Notes from 2019
August 05, 2019 / Alexandra Bradbury
Everyone loves a good story about an Amazon walkout. But when Labor Notes wades into more controversial waters—the pros and cons of a contract, for instance, or a race for union office—we can expect some angry letters. “Let’s not criticize each other,” is a common refrain. “We get enough attacks from the boss! Airing disagreements gives ammo to union- »
August 02, 2019 /
This is the latest installment in an occasional series where we evaluate the “union episode” of a television show. »
July 29, 2019 /
A Win Can Take Years »
Devil horns, pitchfork, and tail have been added to the VW logo on a car
July 23, 2019 / Chris Brooks
In the carrot and stick approach to union-busting, Frank Fischer was the carrot. »
July 15, 2019 / Bianca Cunningham
Twenty-five Martha’s Vineyard bus drivers are striking for a first contract, exposing the inequality that exists for working people on an island known as the summer home of the rich and famous. »
July 12, 2019 /
This story was first published by Northwest Labor Press. But there’s a Labor Notes connection—one of the workers who led the effort started by reading our book Secrets of a Successful Organizer. Get your copy »
Characters from the film hold up a banner.
July 11, 2019 /
Since last fall, protestors wearing yellow vests have commanded center stage in France. Their grassroots challenge to the neoliberal regime of President Emmanuel Macron draws on a long tradition of labor militancy, including factory closing fights. »
Green New Deal banners at rally
July 08, 2019 /
A recent article in Politico ("Labor anger over Green New Deal greets 2020 contenders in California,” June 6) alleged that blue-collar workers in California reject the Green New Deal. »
July 05, 2019 /
UPDATE, July 8: EVA Air flight attendants reached an agreement over the weekend to end the strike. Flight attendants will head back to work on July 10. Read more details of the agreement in this article from New Bloom.—Eds. »