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August 09, 2018 /
In 1965, in both Canada and the U.S., about 30 percent of the workforce was represented by unions. This figure, called union density, had been close between the two countries for 50 years. Often, density in the U.S. was a little bit higher than in Canada. But starting in the mid-1960s, our paths diverged. Union density in the U.S. began to fall, while in Canada »
August 08, 2018 / Chris Brooks, / Alexandra Bradbury
Unions in Missouri are declaring victory after voters shot down a Republican-backed “right-to-work” law by a hefty 2 to 1. The final vote count was 937,241 against the legislation to 452,075 in favor. »
August 07, 2018 /
Today Missouri voters are at the polls in a referendum to repeal the state’s “right-to-work” law, thanks to the heroic efforts of union members and allies who gathered 310,657 signatures last year to block implementation of the anti-union law until voters could decide »
July 27, 2018 /
Chris Brooks has written an important critique of the direct reimbursement proposal that I and »
July 25, 2018 / Chris Brooks
In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision, a new approach to financing unions called “direct reimbursement” is gaining traction with Democratic politicians, academics, and even the New York Times editorial board. »
July 20, 2018 /
China has more strikes per year than any other country, many thousands. These strikes are often unplanned, spontaneous, even chaotic, and the bosses stop at nothing to suppress them: they lie, cheat, call in the police, and hire gangsters to intimidate strikers or even beat them up. »
July 06, 2018 /
Editor's note: This viewpoint is part of an ongoing debate about how unions should deal with free riders. Check out previous installments here. »
July 03, 2018 /
Labor Notes is thrilled to announce two fantastic new hires! Bianca Cunningham and Barbara Madeloni will be joining our staff this summer. »
June 15, 2018 / Ruth Needleman
The late 1960s and 1970s gave rise to grassroots movements for union democracy all over the United States. The ones in the Auto Workers and Mine Workers have been written about the most, but Steelworkers Fightback was no less momentous. »
June 07, 2018 / Ryan Olds
How They Did It... »