Labor Notes #409

A model for fighting wage theft that is simple and classic: direct action organizing on a scale any group of workers could take on.

It was a welcome arrival on the labor scene late last year: an organizing strategy centered on workplace activism and strikes. Unions set their sights high, taking on the fast food industry in New York, massive warehouse complexes near Chicago and Los Angeles, and even the nation’s largest employer, Walmart.

It turns out the United States doesn’t export only Justin Bieber and Big Macs. We also export the trends of our labor movement.

Kaiser workers will vote whether to change unions, four years after their local, United Healthcare Workers West, was trusteed by their international, the Service Employees.

A new program uses Bluetooth-enabled cell phones to report letter carriers’ progress.

The company’s tight control of drivers makes them nearly as regimented as workers on an assembly line.

A Service Employees local fomented citywide actions on foreclosures, low wages, and union contracts.

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