WEBINAR: No Shock Doctrine: Organizing to Defend Public Colleges and Universities


Join Labor Notes and the Public Higher Education Workers this Tuesday May 19 at 5 PM EDT to hear public education workers speak about organizing for fully funded public higher education in the midst of the pandemic.

Public higher education has been under assault for decades with reduced budgets, precarious work, and astronomical student debt. The pandemic and ensuing economic crisis are already being exploited by those who would further undermine public higher education, narrow its goals and possibilities, and weaken unions.

We need to organize—not only to fight back but to claim public higher education as a fully funded public good.

We will hear from Pauline Lipman, from the University of Illinois Chicago, about the dangers and opportunities of the moment.

Dana Morrison, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, will lead a discussion about the principles we need to guide us in the struggle ahead.

And we will hear stories of successful organizing from Massachusetts, Illinois, and others.

Register here. Invite others.

Public Higher Education Workers is a network of staff, faculty and students meeting to learn from each other about how to organize the fight for fully funded, free, liberatory public higher education.

This is the first in a series that will include organizing for debt abolition, protecting all workers, and learning from K-12 educators about how to take on these fights and win.

Barbara Madeloni is Education Coordinator at Labor Notes and a former president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.barbara@labornotes.org


squidmoon | 05/22/20

Was this webinar recorded? Didn't catch it live but would love to see it.