Welcome New Staff!

Head shots of five smiling people.

New staff and interns are ramping up Labor Notes work. Top, left to right: Jorge Torres, Anousha Peters. Bottom left to right, interns Audrey Elberger, Stuart Baum, and José Roque Pérez-Zetune.

Labor Notes staff are busy as a hive, ramping up for our biggest-ever conference. As we do, we’re very grateful to have more capable hands on deck: two wonderful new co-workers plus three terrific interns.

Operations Assistant Anousha Peters, who started in December, is handling many practical necessities, like processing registrations and uploading data, not to mention driving a truckload of books to Chicago. She previously organized with Walmart workers and is a member of Dissenters, a youth anti-militarist organization.

Jorge Torres is joining us in March as our second Labor-Climate Organizer. As a union electrician in Seattle, he organized a local reform caucus and led a walkout over wildfire smoke. He’ll be supporting rank-and-file organizing in workforces key to climate transition, like construction, manufacturing, utilities, and transit, and those already feeling the heat, like farmworkers.

Our labor-climate intern is Audrey Elberger, a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she was active in student-labor solidarity. She’s also the former editor-in-chief of The Conifer Chronicle, a non-profit housing organization’s in-house publication.



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Our bilingual conference intern is José Roque Pérez-Zetune, a senior at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and a proud son of Adams County, Pennsylvania. He has organized with Spanish-speaking farmworkers and nursing home workers.

And our Union Semester intern is Stuart Baum, a labor studies grad student at the City University of New York who grew up in the Detroit area. He helped unionize and bargain a first contract at his previous workplace, the Brennan Center for Justice.

You can meet and welcome all these great folks in Chicago in April—or at least make out a blur as they whiz past you, making magic and solving problems on the fly! See you there.