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January 02, 2019 /
Labor Notes is thrilled to welcome two new staffers, Saurav Sarkar and Joe DeManuelle-Hall, who started in our New York office in December. »
January 02, 2019 /
On the night of December 11, Kim Yong-kyun, a 24-year-old worker, was killed at a thermal power plant in Taean, 150 kilometers southwest of Seoul, after being sucked into a coal conveyor belt that decapitated him. Only four months into his temporary job, he was killed so that the belt could uninterruptedly run at a speed of 16 feet per second. »
December 25, 2018 /
December 21, 2018 /
The biggest UPS local in the Northeast is back in the hands of reformers. Teamsters in New York City’s Local 804 elected the Experience Matters slate far and away the winner in a four-way race December 20. »
December 20, 2018 / Saurav Sarkar
In the thousands of words spilled for the late George H.W. Bush, you won’t find the names of Argentine workers Pedro Troiani and Carlos Propato. The two union activists were among those detained and tortured in 1976 at a Buenos Aires Ford plant and later at a secret detention facility run by a military dictatorship, a government supported by then-CIA Director »
December 18, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio
Labor might be on the ropes, but it still knows how to throw a punch. 2018 saw thousands of teachers, campus workers, and hotel workers hit the streets in support of bold demands. What does it take to strike and win in the new Gilded Age? »
December 14, 2018 /
Dear fellow Labor Notes supporter, We made headlines with our spring strike wave... but did you know that Labor Notes played an essential behind-the-scenes role? »
December 07, 2018 / Chris Brooks
I’ve never been tear gassed before. The smell is similar to fireworks and the effect is explosive—and effective. I immediately wanted to get as far away as I could from the noxious source of burning eyes and throat. I was in Paris when France’s “yellow vest” (gilet jaune) movement shut down the center of the city. »
December 06, 2018 / Alexandra Bradbury
“How can we get young workers involved?” That’s the question on everyone’s lips, with union density at near-record lows. Many unions have begun holding summits for young members or forming local committees, which is great. But too often they’re missing a step that’s more essential: don’t sell young workers out. »
November 29, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio
The Troublemakers Union turns 40 next year! We’re planning a whole series of events to commemorate the occasion, from special magazine features to speaking tours and more. As part of our celebration, we’re gathering memories of Labor Notes history, and we’d appreciate if you shared yours. When was the first time you came across Labor Notes? »