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August 26, 2020 /
How should our university be funded? Should students be liable for its debts? Who are the winners and losers when public higher education is privatized? »
August 24, 2020 /
Graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin do not have formal union protections, but that has not stopped us from organizing to put demands on university administration during the pandemic. »
August 20, 2020 /
Whenever our overcoat is ragged
you come running up and say: this can’t continue,
you must be helped in every possible manner.
And, full of zeal, you run off to the bosses
while we who freeze are waiting.
And you come back and in triumph
show us what you have won for us:
a little patch.
—Bertolt Brecht
August 19, 2020 /
Five years ago, it was hard to imagine a successful union drive on our campus at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. But this spring, as the COVID-19 shutdowns and conversions to online teaching began, the United Faculty Alliance bargained protections that were more than what seemed commonplace at other campuses. »
A woman holds a bullhorn and a picket sign that says "On Strike for a Fair Contract," surrounded by dozens of picketers holding similar signs and marching in a circle on the sidewalk.
August 18, 2020 / Dan DiMaggio
Last week the United Electrical Workers (UE) published a new pamphlet, Them and Us Unionism, which argues that the labor movement needs to return to the class-struggle unionism that animated the founding of the industrial unions in the 1930s.
August 13, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury
Goodbyes are the worst. Labor Notes writer-organizer Chris Brooks is leaving our staff this month to become the mobilization director for the New York NewsGuild. »
August 13, 2020 /
More than 4,300 shipbuilders at the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine struck for seven weeks from June to August in the largest private sector strike in the U.S. this year. »
August 12, 2020 / Bianca Cunningham
Labor Notes is pleased to present a series of free webinars taught by veteran Boston labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz and hosted by Labor Notes staffer Bianca Cunningham. »
August 11, 2020 /
Faculty at the University of Akron (UA) voted down a proposed contract on August 5 by 184-159. The offer blatantly violated the faculty’s union contract on order of layoffs and would have declared open season on public university union contracts, in »
A Black Lives Matter banner hangs behind a statue of Willie Mays at Oracle Park.
August 10, 2020 /
UPDATE: This story was originally published on August 4 at 48 Hills. Since then, UNITE HERE Local 2 has initiated some hardball negotiations in response to these terminations, and is planning an action to counter the billionaire owners’ disrespect. »