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July 12, 2021 / Jane Slaughter
UPDATE, July 15: Yesterday, workers voted narrowly (1,147 to 1,130) to accept the third tentative agreement, which had been defeated by a 60-40 margin five days earlier. Workers will report back to work next week.--Eds. »
People outside hold a huge banner: "St. Vincent Nurses on Strike for Safe Patient Care; MNA"
July 07, 2021 /
Speaking on the recent National Solidarity Call in support of striking nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, Our Revolution leader Joseph Geevarghese characterized the situation as “Biden’s PATCO moment.” »
Graphic shows the book cover in center, and enlarged images of book cover behind in two colors. Main image shows a view from behind of someone leaping from a diving board into a swimming pool.
July 01, 2021 /
From liberals to democratic socialists, many people on the left agree that the key to addressing racial inequity in the U.S. is winning “universal demands,” such as Medicare for All and free tuition at public schools and universities. »
Silhouette of a skier ascending a mountain slope with pink sky in background
June 30, 2021 / Alexandra Bradbury
Employers never let a crisis go to waste. Like clockwork, after this awful year, here come the demands for concessions. »
June 23, 2021 /
Decades before the modern LGBTQ+ movement, a small but militant union of maritime workers on the West Coast with openly gay members and leaders coined a slogan linking discrimination against gay men, racial discrimination, and red-baiting. »
Members of Machinists Local 1546 stand in front of their workplace holding picket signs.
June 21, 2021 /
Thirty-three heavy-duty engine mechanics have been on an open-ended strike since June 8 at the Cummins service shop in San Leandro, California. »
Demonstrators, some in wheelchairs and some not, stand in front of a public building. Many are holding signs: "ACCESSIBLE TRANSIT FOR ALL," "ELEVATORS NOW," "STRANDED BY CUOMO"
June 10, 2021 /
Even before the pandemic, unemployment among disabled workers in New York City was at a crisis level—just 30 to 35 percent were employed. Over the past year, the situation has grown even worse. »
Two workers hold a banner reading “We Can't Care for Ocean County If the Board of Social Services Doesn’t Care About Us!” over the “Thank You to Our Essential Workers” sign that the Board had put up.
June 08, 2021 /
Welfare workers in Ocean County, New Jersey, won their best contract in years by taking a stand for Covid safety. “After months of working in fear, and with Covid back on the rise, we decided that enough was enough,” human services specialist and Local 1088 steward Jessica Coffin told fellow members of the Communications Workers, District 1 (CWA) New Jersey in a »
June 08, 2021 /
By late summer 2020, efforts to defeat Trump at the polls were running full-throttle—but many organizers and activists saw that even if these succeeded, the election could still be in peril. A broad array of networks and organizations began planning to defend the results and stop a possible coup. »
A group of older people in masks stands outside. The person in the middle is speaking into a mic. Someone behind her holds up a printed sign: "City Retirees Say NO, Don't Privatize Our Senior Care!"
June 03, 2021 /
New York City’s 250,000 retired municipal workers are facing the conversion of our traditional Medicare coverage to a privately managed Medicare Advantage plan. It turns out that negotiations to achieve this change have been going on—in secret—for three years. The bargaining agent is the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC), which includes nearly 100 city unions. »