Music at Labor Notes

There’ll be more music and spoken word than ever at the Labor Notes Conference this weekend: Anne Feeney, Evan Greer, George Mann, Will Copeland, Lynn Marie Smith, and the cast of the jazz opera "Forgotten" will perform.

Click to hear songs from these artists who are donating their talents. And display your own talent at the acoustic coffeehouse Friday night or the open mike Saturday night.

Lynn Marie Smith: Rebuilding the Union Movement and U.N.I.O.N.

Lynn Marie will perform at the Saturday banquet.

Anne Feeney: How Long? and Shut 'cha Down.

Evan Greer: The Picketline Song.



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Evan and Anne will sing at the Sunday 1 p.m. session.

George Mann: Utah Sounds Fine and Rest Papa Rest.

George will lead the coffeehouse Friday after the main session.

From ”Forgotten”: Radio, Guns, and Money and Louder Than Machines.

The Workers Chorus from "Forgotten" will perform Friday evening.

Ellis Boal is a musician and Labor Notes’ web steward.