Workshops at Rebuilding Labor's Power

Labor Notes conferences consistently feature the most comprehensive list of workshops for labor activists. No matter what kind of work you do in the labor movement, you'll find a slew of workshops that fit your needs and expand your horizons. Check out our preliminary list below of what Labor Notes has in store this time around at Rebuilding Labor's Power:

Assertive Grievance Handling; At the Bargaining Table; Building Alliances Between Unions and Worker Centers; Building Power for Low-Wage Workers; China Labor Movement; Continuous Bargaining; Contract Campaigns; Creative Tactics; Dealing with the Media; Democracy is Power; Fighting Back Against Raids and No-Match Letters; Fighting Racism; Flyers and Newsletters; Getting Ahead of Globalization; Health Care Crisis; Home-Based Workers; Immigrant Workers and the Building Trades; Internal Organizing—Key to a Strong Union; International/Cross Border Organizing; Labor and Environmental Coalitions; Labor Against the War; Labor History; Labor in Latin America; LGBTQ Issues at Work; Member-Driven Organizing; Non-Majority Unions; Organizing Immigrant Workers; Organizing in Right-to-Work States; Organizing Strategies; Passing the Leadership Torch; Pension Crisis 101; Pros and Cons of Top-Down Organizing Deals; Running for Local Office; Shop Floor Tactics; Strategic Approaches to Contract Expiration; Strategic Planning: Building a Strong Local; Student Labor Solidarity; Women at Work

This list is in progress and subject to change.