Special pre-conference event

For the first time ever the Detroit/Michigan National Lawyer's Guild Chapter & Sugar Law Center invite conference participants to arrive early and attend a reception they are hosting for the Authentic Workers' Front (Frente Auténtico del Trabajo) delegation on Thursday, April 10 at 6 p.m.

The FAT is an independent federation of labor unions, worker-owned cooperatives, and farmworker and community organizations. A women's network operates within all of the FAT's sectors and as part of the leadership. The FAT was founded in 1960 and now represents workers in more than half the states of Mexico in manufacturing industries such as textiles and auto parts. In addition, the FAT won the right to represent service workers in Mexico City, and workers in the transportation industry on a national level.

The Labor Notes conference is the only gathering to bring together such a diverse group of international and home-grown labor activists! More details, including on location and transportation, to follow.