Sonia Singh

After staving off a lockout threat last month, 50,000 Canadian postal workers are turning up the heat with public demonstrations and creative actions at work.

Canada Post has been playing hardball in this year’s contract showdown. The company set the stage for a lockout by warning customers of potential disruptions to services. Mail volumes dropped.

“They intended on locking us out, or us walking out, from the get-go,” said Dave Bleakney, a national officer of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

Police Violence Is a Labor Issue Too


After the latest fatal police shootings of Black men, captured in horrifying video footage, many of us are asking ourselves tough questions.

How can we step up to stop this state violence? What can we do to expose and challenge racism against Black people in our own workplaces, communities, and families?

Thousands of Quebec nursing home workers have walked off the job in their first-ever series of coordinated strikes. They’re demanding that all workers get a starting hourly wage of $15.

How did B&H workers hold so strong even when their boss threatened mass firings? They got the organizing skills they needed from in-depth leadership training with the Laundry Workers Center.

Car wash workers in Los Angeles—union and non-union—are teaming up to transform the industry through a unique collaboration between worker centers and unions.

"Guerilla gardens" were among the creative tactics that helped stop an overhaul of Canadian postal services that would have decimated mail delivery and laid off thousands.

We're told it’s every worker for themself in the new “gig economy.” But these Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers banded together to pursue an old-fashioned goal: collective bargaining.

Somos un Pueblo Unido, a New Mexico worker center, is honing a process to help even tiny groups of workers win changes through small collective actions—while staving off retaliation.

Low-wage workers are calling on fast-food and retail giants to raise wages for the workers who will harvest crops, stock shelves, and staff checkout counters this holiday season.