Labor Notes #437

When you turn a workplace issue into a campaign, grievances become a tool for building union power.

New York’s State Assembly in May overwhelmingly passed a bill to establish a single-payer-style health care system, with unprecedented support from unions.

Eight years after accepting a drastic two-tier system of wages and benefits—and nearly a decade since the first tier got a raise—the United Auto Workers are bargaining with the Big 3 automakers.

Verizon wants to drive down costs, shrink its union workforce even further, and get out of the landline business. But in negotiations this summer it’s coming head-to-head with its unions, who want to protect gains won through decades of struggle.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president is drawing impressive crowds to rallies across the country. Many union members are part of this groundswell of support, and he’s won the backing of a number of local unions and state AFL-CIOs.

After years of wage concessions, workers at Canada’s largest grocery chain voted down a first deal, forcing their employer back to the table to do better.

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