Labor Notes #378, September 2010

When President Obama named his Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform this spring, he chose 18 wealthy members for whom Social Security will make up only a tiny fraction of their retirement income. The commission is charged with reporting back December 1 with recommendations on how to decrease the ballooning federal budget deficit.

The Big Lie technique is working. Polls show that six out of 10 Americans who aren’t yet retired think Social Security won’t be there for them—with the youngest workers the most pessimistic. And more than half of current retirees predict their benefits will be cut. When your co-workers tell you Social Security is a bankrupt lost cause, set them straight. Here are the facts.

Unlike our Teamster sisters and brothers here, workers for UPS in Turkey have no union. And over the past few months, workers seeking to organize have faced repression. To date more than 120 union members and workers sympathetic to TÜMTIS, a Turkish transport union, have been fired from UPS Turkey. Some have faced violence and intimidation from management.

Robert De Niro burned the image of the unstable taxi driver into American consciousness in the 1974 film “Taxi Driver,” but real-life drivers across the U.S. have long faced their own forms of enforced workplace instability.


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