Labor Notes #371, February 2010

Rank-and-file members of the Locomotive Engineers are struggling to maintain their recently won and never exercised right to directly elect officers. The importance of one member, one vote elections, opposed by national union officers, is only too obvious after three top officers in four years have been removed for embezzlement or extortion. . . .

The recent film “Invictus,” depicting Nelson Mandela’s first presidential term, might have you thinking about South Africa’s brutal recent history. While the present is undeniably better than apartheid, workers still have to hit the streets to win decent treatment—and they credit international solidarity for helping them weather a seven-week strike.

Haiti's earthquake has led to a humanitarian crisis, a tragedy compounded by longtime U.S. and European intervention. Some support now flows from corporations with interests in the status quo of poverty and pillage. Give instead to groups that meet direct needs and fight for justice.


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