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Logo of Revolutions Per Minute - a red pulsing blob with white letters saying RPM in the middle
November 30, 2023 /
Jenny Brown of Labor Notes discusses the Auto Workers, Teamsters, nurses, hotel workers and teachers who have been making waves this year. Listen on ‘Revolutions Per Minute,’ the podcast of the New York City Democratic Socialists of America. LISTEN »
Four Black women march with t-shirts that say “Labor vs. Corporate Greed.” They’re holding UAW signs.
November 22, 2023 / Dan DiMaggio
Is it time for a big, united strike by millions of union members against the billionaire class? We get pitched this idea sometimes at Labor Notes. Usually we dismiss it as coming from starry-eyed dreamers eager to pass over the hard work of organizing and skip ahead to the “general strike.” »
A black banner with white letters lists 160 health care workers killed in Gaza. It is titled “We Remember”.
November 17, 2023 /
At dusk on November 3—hours after Israel bombed ambulances outside Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, killing 15 and »
A cartoon in black and gold shows a woman with a sonogram and a person with a small baby, all are smiling. In the background is a disgruntled boss.
November 16, 2023 /
Judy approached Chief Steward Amy over lunch one day with big news: she was three months pregnant! Amy congratulated her. »
Sindhu poses outside in front of a barn. She has long black hair and is wearing a red shirt and a slight smile.
November 15, 2023 /
Labor Notes is happy to welcome our newest co-worker, Sindhu Sundar! »
Dozens of men and women of various ethnicities wearing dark blue flight attendant uniforms hold signs saying “Ready to Strike”
November 02, 2023 / Jenny Brown
Flight Attendants at American Airlines voted to strike by 99.47 percent at the end of August, with 93 percent turnout. »
A group of people in white medical coats stand behind a red banner reading ‘Health Workers Against Genocide in Gaza.’
October 31, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown, / Caitlyn Clark
In the U.S. and across the world, hundreds of thousands of people have taken the streets to protest Israel’s assault on Gaza, which has killed at least 8,300 Palestinians, including 3,300 children, since October 7. »
A letter carrier with a big shoulder bag puts mail in a grouped mailbox in an alley, he is backlit.
October 24, 2023 /
One striking feature of the current labor resurgence is a trend for greater openness during national contract negotiations. This year the Auto Workers (UAW) at the Big 3 and Teamsters at UPS have provided members with detailed information about their bargaining proposals. »